45 keyboard shortcuts that could save your life: Windows & Excel


Alt + Tab Switch between active program windows.
Ctrl + A Select all objects in a document or on a page.
Ctrl + P Access print menu. Hit “Enter” to execute printing command.
Ctrl + F Bring up a search tool in most programs.
Alt + F In most programs, brings up the “File” menu, then the additional corresponding
button for the action you want to perform on the toolbar can be pressed.
Ctrl + S Save the document you are working on.
Ctrl + C Copy selected item(s) to the clipboard.
Ctrl + X Cut selected item(s) to the clipboard.
Ctrl + V Paste items from the clipboard.
Print Scrn button Captures a screen shot of everything the width of your screen.
Ctrl + Alt + Print Scrn Captures a screen shot of the current screen in use when using dual monitors.
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action performed.
Ctrl + Y Redo the last action undone.
Esc Cancels editing as well as many other actions.
(Windows Key) + E Opens up “My Computer” in the browser window.
(Windows Key) + L Instantly locks the computer.
Ctrl + Home Navigates to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + End Navigates to the end of the document.
F12 Save As
Ctrl + N Create a new file in the program you are using.
Ctrl + O Opens up the Open browser navigation window.
Ctrl + F4 Closes the current window inside the program. Program will continue running.
(Windows Key) + D Minimizes all open windows and shows desktop.


Alt + 7 Create a solid bullet point in excel and other programs.
Alt + 9 Create a hallow bullet point in excel and other programs.
Ctrl + 1 Quickly brings up the “Format Cells” window for a selected cell or range.
(Hold) Shift + Arrow Key Select multiple cells in a range.
F2 Edits or enters a cell in the active worksheet.
F10 Displays the keytips for the ribbon.
Ctrl + F9 Minimizes the workbook.
Ctrl + F10 Maximizes the workbook.
Ctrl + Arrow Keys In cell selection, jumps to the next cell containing data.
Ctrl + Page down/up Scroll between sheets in an active workbook.
Ctrl + [ Opens the source destination of a linked cell.
Ctrl + H Opens the find and replace tool in a workbook.
Alt + Shift + F1 Creates a new worksheet within the current workbook.
Ctrl + F3 Opens the Name Cell dialogue box
F3 Opens the Name Cell selection box to paste name into cell.
F4 Redo the last action performed.
F4 (Inside a formula) Gives the formula references of a cell absolute references. (Press multiple times
to scroll through choices.)
F5 Opens the Go To dialog box.
F11 Create new chart based on data selected.
Ctrl + ~ Toggle between Show/Hide Formulas.
Ctrl + B Formats the selected data to bold.
Ctrl + Shift + 4 Formats the selected data to give it a dollar value.

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